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    One Stop Car Sales finances everyone!


In-House Financing

Come in, talk with us, explain your situation.   We finance people the bank won't finance.
No credit check!

Guaranteed 30 Days

Every car we sell has a 30 day warranty.  We service what we sell.  Credit available.

We Trade for Anything

We will trade for anything: a truck, a car, a four wheeler, motorcycle, farm equipment, construction equipment.
We trade for anything!

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931-424-1111   Pulaski, Tennessee
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    We Finance


    We offer financing to everyone.  We finance people the bank will not finance.   We would like an opportunity to find a finance plan that will work for you and for us.



    We will trade for anything, cars, trucks, boats, almost anything!!!   Value will be considered toward some or all of your down payment.   Also, we buy used cars, trucks, and SUV's.   Simply bring your vehicle by and we will make you a cash offer.
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    It's a program we offer that no other car dealers offer, that gives you time to come up with the money, and you don't have to worry about the car you want being bought by someone else.   Call us and come by to spend time with us so we can explain our entire layaway program.

    Custom Fit

    Finance Plan

    We do not check your credit history.   We do check your job history.   We offer financing to everyone, but your down payment is determined by a variety of factors.   Convince us that you are able to make payments and that you will make them, and we'll finance you a car.
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    All Vehicles

    Are Guaranteed

    Every vehicle that One Stop sells for $3,900.00 or more has a 30 day bumper to bumper warranty.   The warranty is $100 deductible and all work is done by our certified mechanics.   When you purchase a car from "One Stop Car Sales" we guarantee nothing to be wrong with it.



    We service what we sell on the credit.   After the 30 day warranty is up, and something comes up, we'll work on your car.   We'll charge the repairs to your account and give you up to 90 days to pay for it and not charge you any interest on the repairs.
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    One Stop Car Sales

    819 Mill St.
    Pulaski, TN 38478
    Phone: 931-424-1111

We Finance Anyone

If you have been on the same job for over two years and if your total household income is over $400 per week, you may qualify for zero down payment! Apply for credit now...

Apply for Credit

Fill out our brief credit application and we will contact you...

Call for a Test Drive

We are happy to set up a test drive for you. Just call us. Read more...

Come By and Talk to Us

Let's sit down together and find out what works for both of us...

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Pulaski, TN 38478
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Down Payment

Your down payment is determined by several factors. If you've lived in your job for more than two years, lived in your same home for more than two years, chances are you won't have to make a down payment...


LayAway Plan

We have a layaway program in the event you see a car on one of our lots and you don't have enough money at the time for the down payment.   You may put the car on layaway and make payments...


Mechanics on Duty

Our service department sets us apart from all other "Buy Here Pay Here" in our area.  We have two certified mechanics available six days a week, 8:30 to 5:00.   We service what we sell and we guarantee it for 30 days...


We Buy Your Vehicle

If you have a truck or car you don't want to trade in, you just want to turn it into cash, bring it by here, let our mechanics check it out, and we'll make a cash offer.  This offer is good for two weeks which gives you time...


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