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What Sets One Stop Car Sales Apart From Other "Buy Here Pay Here"

One Stop Car Sales offers financing to everyone.  We finance what the banks won't.  But that isn't all we do.  We offer quality service and sales because we want you to come back to us for your next vehicle too.  How do we do that? 

  • We finance everyone!  We finance people the bank turns away.
  • We have a 30 day warranty, bumper to bumper, on any car over $3,900.  We put in over $800 in parts on a car on average before we put it on the lot.  We make sure it is dependable and will continue to be so.
  • Your Trade-In could a vehicle or anything else.  You could even use our LayAway plan to make a way to pay for the down payment
  • Our Service Department is the best there is around.  We make sure our cars are working great before we put them on the lot, and then we offer a 30-day warranty with all vehicles over $3,900.  
  • If you are up to date and current with your payments, and have to have repairs, we will finance it for 90 days interest free.  We are going to keep your car running, dependable and safe.
  • The LayAway Program we offer is unique to all buy-here-pay-here dealers.  You see a car you want and don't have the down payment now, come in and set up arrangements to make payments until you have the down payment covered.


We are a cut above other "Buy Here Pay Here" lots.  And we work hard to stay that way.  Come in and talk to us about your next vehicle!

Financing for Everyone

We offer financing to everyone.  Everyone's down payment is not the same, but we do offer financing to anyone on a used car.  We are a step above other buy-here-pay-here dealers. 

We're interested in your job, your income, time on your job, the time you've spent in the community.

When we say we offer financing to everyone, everyone's down payment is not the same because of the factors just listed above.  If you've have been at your current job for more than two years, lived in your same home for more than two years, chances are you won't have to make a down payment, just pay the sales tax, that's all that would be required of you.  If you've had multiple jobs over the last two years, not lived at the same address for the past two years, we may require a down payment.  Your down payment will depend on your circumstances.

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