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Financing for Everyone

We offer financing to everyone.  Everyone's down payment is not the same, but we do offer financing to anyone on a used car.  We are a step above other buy-here-pay-here dealers. 

We're interested in your job, your income, time on your job, the time you've spent in the community.

When we say we offer financing to everyone, everyone's down payment is not the same because of the factors just listed above.  If you've have been at your current job for more than two years, lived in your same home for more than two years, chances are you won't have to make a down payment, just pay the sales tax, that's all that would be required of you.  If you've had multiple jobs over the last two years, not lived at the same address for the past two years, we may require a down payment.  Your down payment will depend on your circumstances.


The main thing to remember is:

We finance people the bank will not finance.


We would like an opportunity to talk to you about your individual situation, and try to find a finance plan that will work for you and for us.  Come by to see us at either of our two locations, 819 Mill St. in Pulaski, and 1151 New Manchester Highway in Tullahoma.


Two locations to serve you:

  • 819 Mill St., Pulaski
  • 1151 New Manchester Hwy, Tullahoma


We offer financing to everyone, but your down payment is determined by a variety of factors.


  • Length of time at current job
  • Total household income
  • Length of time at current address.


Convince us that you are able to make payments and that you will make them!!  And we will finance you a car.  It's that simple!

If you've been on the same job for over two years and if your total household income is over $400 per week, you may qualify for zero down payment!!!


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